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Endling I

(2020) Multimedia Installation • Website • Video • Game App • 3D Model (VR)

Endling is an ongoing multimedia science fiction narrative. The first part of the work chronicles the events that led to the extinction of all species and it introduces the only survivor: Mnemosyne Unit-01, a mech hyper-creature developed by humans to contain the DNA of all known eukaryotic species that lived on Earth–like a contemporary Noah’s ark.

Super Unicorn Princess (Demo)

(2020) Platform Video Game

© Zoe Schodder

An Army Of Him

(2019) Video (Duration 1:16)

Salvador Dali in Dimitris Gkikas An army of Him is multiplied. The image that, thanks to the Netflix series about the robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain, has become a symbol of resistance in the world of hyper-liberal postmodernism, which in itself has an extremely ironic potential, is used by Gkikas to build a digital army - a metamorphosing composition of pop-up windows, a specific type of violence within surveillance capitalism - of drawing our attention, currently the most precious currency. → Curatorial text from the 19th Media Art Biennale WRO.

The Black Rock

(2018) Website • Google Street View • 3D Model

Even long before Homer it was a tradition, as an expression of damnation, to throw black stones in a place where something horrible had happened. Then they would never visit that place again. The website is compatible with Firefox.

I Will Be Waiting

(2017) Website • Google Street View

I will be waiting is a browser-based work that is using the Street View technology to capture the frozen timeless shores of the remote north. Despite the real-world imagery, Gkikas re-contextualises the purpose of the Street View to create a dreamlike atmosphere that will - regardless of the direction you choose - always take you to the same destination.

© Mighty Mouse: Wolf! Wolf! - 1942

Wake up!

(2017) Website • GIF

© FILE Communication team

The Expanding Universe

(2016) Website • GIF

The expanding universe is an animation with the form of a website. The found GIF, a flying bird that is stuck in the air, is placed into the center of the page. The increasing number on the browser tab that shows the distance covered in km/h is part of the animation and shows movement in a subtle and conceptual way. The piece shows the struggle to adapt in an ever-expanding, full-of-possibilities space, that leaves you ultimately feeling stuck.

The Magic Door

(2016) Website • Interactive

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