92,931,661 is a web based project conceived on April 3rd, 2023, at 15:52 CEST in Berlin. Its title corresponds to the distance between the Earth and the Sun, which at that moment was precisely 92,931,661 miles.

The project features a collection of GIFs showcasing family members and friends from the artist's life. These GIFs were created by converting videos that were sent to the artist, which are then juxtaposed with stock footage of archetypal images of the cosmos.

When clicking on a GIF, new content in the form of images, websites, voice chat and text appears, driven by conscious and intuitive associations that emphasize thematic concerns such as depression, memory, identity, the passage of time, and the creation of the earth, merging reality with fantasy, the ephemeral with the timeless, and the personal with the collective.

The project will be an ongoing endeavour spanning over a decade and will be updated biannually, inviting the same people to participate. The new GIFs will be added to the archive, stacked upon the old ones to form a chronological sequence.